What to serve your non-drinking guests that makes them feel welcome at the party?

What to serve your non-drinking guests that makes them feel welcome at the party?

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One of the great things about Blüm beverages is

that they are the perfect refreshment for a discriminating host or hostess to serve to guests who choose not to consume alcoholic beverages. Both Blüm Uplift and Blüm Zen come in bottles that have the sophisticated appearance of  cocktail bottles but do not contain alcohol.

Many reasons exist for someone to choose not to drink. A person might suffer from alcoholism and therefore cannot touch even a drop of alcohol. A person could decline to drink for religious or ethical reasons. Others do not drink because of health concerns or because they need to be sharp and sober going home and alert and unencumbered by a hangover the next morning. All too often such people are thought of as odd by others who like to loosen up with an adult beverage.

The trick is for the host or hostess to put such guests at their ease, since most people at parties like to imbibe. One way to do this is to know in advance that a guest does not drink alcohol and therefore right away offer them a glass of Blüm. The other way is to offer everyone a choice of alcoholic beverages or a glass of Blüm, making both drinkers and non-drinkers welcome.

Blüm has the advantage of being healthy as well as refreshing, unlike sugar-laden soft drinks that might not be as conducive to good health. Let’s face it, Coke or Sprite aren’t very sophisticated, not the sort of thing that an adult should drink at a high-class party, to begin with. Blüm has the look of a fine wine. Also, some people drink for appearance’s sake, to go along with the crowd by having a glass in their hand. Now anyone can have that appearance, as well, without the threat of drunkenness and a hangover.

Some people will drink but will do so responsibly. They will have one or two drinks at a party and then switch over to something non-alcoholic for the rest of the night so that they’ll be safe and legal driving home. Blüm is the perfect product for such a step-down drink.