Frequently Asked Questions

What are Blüm Beverages?

Blüm Beverages deliver elegant, social, alcohol-free botanical elixirs that are raising the social bar for non- and light drinkers. Blüm provides flavorful, grown-up alternatives to the traditionally boring and childish options of water, soda, juice, and lemonade. Its low-sugar, nutrient-dense blend also makes it a great choice for the health-conscious social drinker.

What does Blüm taste like?

Blüm’s vibrant, low-sugar concoctions are chock-full of botanicals and herbs that create a flavorful symphony for the palette. Its unique alchemy balances earthy tones of brewed herbals with brighter floral notes. Each culinary-inspired elixir has undergone a two-year refinement process to create the ideal blends consumers prefer. Blüm’s varied and harmonious ingredients offer a depth of flavor and an evolving tasting experience for the curious non-drinker.

Is non-alcoholic drinking a growing trend?

Studies show that non-drinking and moderate drinking are on the rise. A global study found 75 percent of millennials drink in moderation for health and to stay in control. Meanwhile, UK drinking shows a 10-year increase in non-drinkers, and a U.S. survey found 30 percent of adults do not drink. In all, 60 percent are non-drinkers, or light drinkers who average one drink a week.

What do consumers want at bars, restaurants, and special events?

Nearly one in three adults at any gathering require non-alcoholic drinks. Many more want to transition to alcohol-free beverages before the night ends. Restaurants and bars carrying Blüm report higher check totals as quality elixirs cost more than soda and water. Clients praise Blüm as a festive and healthy alcohol-free alternative at weddings and events. Blüm’s healthy blends are ready to pour, also saving bartenders the time of making less refined, high-sugar virgin cocktails.

How does Blüm best serve the 60 percent who are non- and light drinkers?

Sophistication: Poured from a stylish bottle and served chilled in a wine or cocktail glass, Blüm makes the non-drinker feel special, and best marks an occasion or night on the town.

Health optimizer: Brimming with nutrients, botanicals and herbs, Blüm is great for the health-conscious who consume for good health, and for those with health conditions or on medication.

Actively social: Whether health conscious, living sober, or a designated driver, non-drinkers want a unique beverage that makes them feel engaged and part of the social drinking experience.

Stigma-free privacy: Appearing like wine or a cocktail averts the “why not drinking?” question, so non-drinkers enjoy the social scene, sans judgement or reminders of reasons they don’t drink.

What Blüm Beverages are available?

Blum currently offers two beverages, Uplift and Zen, that help consumers energize or relax into the occasion. Additional blends are in development for future years.


Infused with calendula, rose and other florals to enhance energy, Uplift blends organic herbs and botanicals with yerba mate, the world’s most balanced natural stimulant that enhances energy, mental focus and clarity. Loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants, Uplift gives non-drinkers an elegant boost for social engagement.


Perfect for winding down after a long workday, Blüm’s Zen Blend creates calm with its special botanical blend of lavender, chamomile, elderflower, and hibiscus. Chock-full of health benefits, hibiscus offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers to the health-conscious consumer, and helps the non-drinker relax into the social scene.

Where can one find Blüm?

Blüm Beverages launched in January 2017 and had an exciting first season, selling out due to high demand. Currently, Blüm can be found in regional establishments and at local events. Blüm reserves are now well-stocked and ready to expand to new territories. Stop by Stonehaus or Bogies in Westlake Village to have a taste, or purchase a bottle at Wades Wines. Also, contact Blüm or order online ( for fast delivery to enhance your special event.

What is Blüm’s mission?

Blüm strives to provide sophisticated and healthy alternative social beverages for the non-drinke, light drinkers and healthy socializers. Blüm also raises awareness and funds for the Planet Bee Foundation and Brain Trauma Foundation, donating a portion of each sale to these charities. Bee preservation is vital to protecting the environment, including the production of botanicals, and brain trauma research is dear to Founder Candace Coleman, whose recovery from traumatic brain injury inspired her to create Blüm.

Organic ingredients and feel-good health stats

Blüm’s natural, alcohol-free blends use organic plants in the brewing process. However, it is not certified organic due to the real sugar and prickly pear extract. A very low-calorie alternative, at only 35 calories, an average 5-ounce cocktail pour contains only 9 grams of sugar. Blüm is allergy-friendly, free of the top 10 major allergens, and our bodies love herbs and botanicals. Pregnant women have enjoyed Blüm as a healthy, non-alcoholic alternative, and we  always recommend sharing the plant-based ingredient list when consulting their doctor.