Drink with Distinction: Blüm’s Botanical Elixirs

Drink with Distinction: Blüm’s Botanical Elixirs

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What if you are social, but you’re not a big drinker, or may not consume alcohol at all?

Perhaps you have an active lifestyle, enjoy yoga and like to keep a trim, healthy figure. Or, maybe you’re an early riser with a dedication to bodily health and wellness. After all, alcohol is full of empty calories and can lead to weight gain, poor sleep and dehydration, all of which affect physical and mental health.

That’s where Blüm Beverages comes in. Our alcohol-free botanical elixirs promise to leave your body healthier than when they entered it. You needn’t feel boring or awkward for avoiding alcohol, you’re simply dedicated to your body and its needs. And, you may have other reasons, either medical or personal, that contribute to your desire to avoid intoxication. With a delicious Blüm Beverage in hand, you needn’t worry about having to explain these details to an endless stream of strangers. Instead, you can sit back, sip and enjoy your company.

Distinctive Blüm Blends

Blüm Beverages is dedicated to bringing you unique and refined blends that contain only the most revitalizing ingredients.
Blüm’s Zen Blend is a calming floral elixir which incorporates lavender and chamomile to help you maintain a calm, worry-free disposition. The blend’s holy basil and hibiscus provide antioxidant properties and the elderflower boosts your overall immune system: rich with bioflavonoids, this ingredient combats both inflammation and infection.

Blüm’s Uplift Blend gives you a gentle jolt and enlivens you for your social engagements. Rose provides a light and elegant touch of healing, and works in combination with hibiscus and prickley pear to provide important antioxidants to your body. Meanwhile, yerba mate gives you a coffee-like kick of energy while calendula imports beta-carotene and fights inflammation.
Whether you are a light drinker or non-drinker, abstaining from or limiting alcohol consumption needn’t affect your social life. At Blüm, we’re passionate about providing fresh and healthy alternatives to partygoers, hostesses and planners alike; and, our elixirs work well as healthy mixers for the more alcohol-friendly folks in your group. Neither you nor your guests need to stand empty-handed amidst a swarm of friends with beer bottles and wine glasses in hand. Instead, try Blüm Beverages. These elixirs can be served discreetly in cocktail glasses and allows consumers to remain active, fit and in tune with their bodies.

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